• Retail Experience Design Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Creative Solutions
  • Customer/User Research & Analysis
  • Competitor & Trend Analysis 
  • Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping 
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Digital & Physical Prototyping
  • Usability Testing & Trials
  • Retail Space Analytics
  • Data Synthesis
  • Information Architecture


My Journey

My career began as a retail space planning analyst looking after the product planograms across multiple categories such as stationery, furniture, alcohol, make-up and grocery items. On a daily basis I would think about maximising the product flows to ensure customers could easily find what they wanted while maximising profits and managing inventory levels. To master how to do this required regular research into trends, sales numbers, inventory requirements and customer behaviour observations.

Retail space analytics lead to my role as a project manager working with store owners to build and design their stores to ensure customer flows and efficiencies. Small decisions had big impacts on revenue and customer satisfaction so when issues would arise I would work through the problems one on one with the store owners to develop solutions. Working with the store owners I would define the project plan, engage all the stakeholders and communicate regularly with all areas of the business to ensure that the opening date was met on time and on budget.

I transitioned from project management into a visual merchandising role, where I was responsible for finding areas of opportunity on how to engage with customers from a visual point of view. Working with the team I developed a signature scent, a radio program and looked at creative ways to integrated technology into staff uniforms, and create packaging which would provide a signature customer experience. It was a fast paced environment with the pressure of short deadlines. The project approach used customer research, synthesis, prototyping and iteration to build the future of retail spaces.

With my background focused in retail I decided to expand my knowledge of human behaviour in other areas. I completed an immersive ten-week course at General Assembly focused on the processes required to design great user experiences. This knowledge was applied working with the founder of Pause Fest to co-design a strategy for the future of Smart Events. The process to design Pause Fest 2017 was divided into two overarching phases, research and design. Informed by the incredible insights from the audience, staff, exhibitors and speakers.

During this time I also became a qualified Lego Serious Play facilitator. Lego Serious Play is a tool used by qualified facilitators to build capability within teams. For teams to become more efficient, collaborate, communicate, ideate and work well together Lego Serious Play workshops are designed to achieve this in a small group environment. Allowing each participant to have a voice and connect with their peers. 

I further developed my skills when working with the City of Melbourne. The project brief was to develop a human centred approach to how the City can support and stimulate the startup ecosystem. This required engaging the local community of startups, internal stakeholders and influencers in the local education sector. I facilitated workshops and generated insights for senior management which informed the next steps of the four year action plan.

My most recent project working with the Department of Education and Training was to develop a Service Model which put learners at its centre. Working with the team at Huddle we devised an approach which ensured collaboration across multiple departments, with learners and employers. We explored the global trends in education and conducted one on one interviews with experts in this field. The service model went through an iterative process designed to reflect on all the available insights and develop a hypothesis and prototype in which was test with end users and stakeholders responsible for implementation.

I have had a long fascination with human behaviour and believe that when you are designing an experience or service humans need to be at the heart of what you do. If you are designing with the right intentions business success will follow.